The delightful tartness of cranberries is a natural complement to the sweetness of white chocolate. I especially used hand-harvested infused with pineapple juice ones to create a deliciously sweet and mildly tangy flavour in which the pure cranberry taste comes through.


  •  Handmade in the UK using fairtrade chocolate.
  • Exclusive recipe.
  • Mild tangy Flavour.


INGREDIENTS: White chocolate(cocoa mass 31%, MILK solids 23%) cocoa butter, sunflower lecithins, sugar, vanilla flavoring, MILK powder, dried cranberries in pineapple juice concentrate (41%), Sunflower Oil (0.5%). Colour E133/E128. Glazing agents: gum acacia, shellac.


Allergens in BOLD - This product is handmade in a kitchen that handles nuts, peanuts, sesame, dairy, wheat, soy, and eggs.  It may contain traces of  NUTS and tree nuts.

If you have any allergies, please enquire before ordering and I'll be happy to provide detailed information. 


Expiry: All chocolates are handmade with fresh ingredients and without any preservatives and should be eaten within 5 months for the best taste. Please keep it in a dry cool place, far from the sunlight. 

White Chocolate & Cranberry Dragee

    • Dragees are edible centres (nuts, spices, dried fruits…) that are coated with chocolate or sugars, creating various layers around them. They are usually consumed at room temperature as a snack or aperitif at any time.
    • They can be made by hand or with a panning machine. It is a craft process that requires a lot of technique and takes many days to be finished.
    • They are one of the oldest treats originated in Europe. Dragees were created in the Roman era when emperors ate almonds covered with honey. At that time, they were used to celebrating weddings, birthdays, or other important moments. and only rich and noble had the right to eat. That's because she was a symbol of wealth and royalty.
    • Years later, the recipe was adapted to sugar and chocolate. With creativity and technique, we can make exotic combinations to create the delight it is today.